Who We Are

Our business model is simple. We are craftsmen and makers, dedicated to providing quality exotic materials to others who express themselves through their creations. We want to use our experience and expertise to help make those creations unique and unforgettable.

We will never buy or sell material of questionable quality or provenance, and will always strive to improve our means and methods of procurement.

We aim to prove we’re the best and most affordable source of Costa Rican hardwoods in all of North Texas, show through our craft that the beauty of natural materials will never go out of style, and will continue to tell a story for future generations.


 Illegal logging in rainforests is a huge problem in Central and South America. That’s not something we want to perpetuate. Our suppliers only harvest dead or downed timber from the types of wood which are not endangered. 


The power for our suppliers kilns is provided by boilers fueled with scrap from the sawmill. Combined with the fact that Costa Rica gets 90% of its power from hydroelectric sources, our suppliers have a closed loop, sustainable system.


From our home base in North Texas, we curate a collection of slabs from the thousands available to find the most unique and unforgettable selections of wood species, grains, and sizes Costa Rica has to offer.


The beauty of natural materials, combined with responsible sourcing, means Avery Hardwoods can find you the pieces for your home which will be passed down for generations to come.